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One of the toughest things to do sometimes for people, me included, is to ask for permission. I just do not like to bother folks, but it has to be done for you to remain legal and in order to find new places for your hobby.

Here you have two choices, ring the doorbell and ask the property owner face to face, or write them a letter.

Here are some tips I found on the Internet.

How to ask for permission:

·        Tell them who you are.

·        Tell them what you do. (metal detect for a hobby, look for old coins, relics, lost trinkets)

·        Tell them why you chose their property. (I look for old houses like this one. There used to be a school here on this old map … There used to be an old house on this topo map.)

·        Ask permission. (Would you care if I go over your yard with a detector? Would you care if I detect your yard?)

·        Keep if short and simple.

·        Be kind, genuine and confident.



Permission Letter and Permission Slip

Your Name
Your Street Address
City, State Zip

1236 TBD Rd.
New Park, PA 17352

Dear Mr. TBD,

I am writing you concerning your property located at 1236 TBD Road, New park, PA.I would first like to introduce myself to you. My name is YOUR NAME and I am a resident of York County. I live in Stewartstown. I am a responsible 40 year old man, with a lovely wife of 9 years, and a 7-year old son. I am a Professional by trade (Mechanical Engineer), however, because of my love of history and archeology, one of my hobbies is to hunt for old relics, coins, and civil war artifacts using my handheld metal detector; not for profit, just for the excitement of searching and recovering pieces of history.
I am currently looking for a few more places in the area to detect on. The best locations tend to be older farmsteads and properties that would be considered historical. Your property at 1236 TBD Road fits the criteria.
I respectfully ask that you consider allowing me to metal detect your property. I have years of experience in the metal detecting hobby, and will respect your property if allowed to detect on it. I only cut a small flap of sod, flip it back, retrieve the item, then recover the small hole without any trace I was there. I also remove any trash or debris from your property that I recover (such as buried nails, bottles, rusted iron, etc.)
I have enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope for your convenience to return the permission form (just sign and date). Also enclosed is a liability waiver for you to keep which I have signed so you do not have to worry about any liability arising from my being on your property. In addition, I have enclosed a copy of my “Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check” which indicates I do not and never have had a criminal record (to ensure you that I am indeed a law abiding citizen).
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best Regards,
Your Name


In consideration of permission to use a metal detector to search the property at:
1234 Smith Road
Shrewsbury, PA (York County)

I, Your Name, agree to release from all liability for personal injury or property damage I may suffer as the result of my searching said property. This release is binding and discharges said owner, his/hers heirs, executors, and administrators from all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for damage, loss, injury, which I may sustain while metal detecting on the above property.

_______________________Signature __________Date
Your Name
Your Address Road
City, State zip





Permission “Slip”
Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property

I, ________________________, agree to allow
(owners name or agent)

Your NAme
Your Address
City, State zip

To use a metal detector to search and recover buried coins, relics, and artifactslocatd on property at

XYZ Property Street Address
Shrewsbury, PA (York County)

It is understood that recovery consists of the digging of small holes with hand tools which will be repaired as nearly as possible to original condition. No other property damage will occur during recovery,and all possible steps will be taken to ensure that the property is left in the same condition or better than found. All trash found will be removed and disposed of.

__________________________Signature __________Date

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