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Ok, so I like the show Diggers. Yeah they are a little animated and put on a show for the camera, but I like these guys. It is fun and they have to keep the show exciting. I can just imagine if someone filmed me when I go out dirtfishing, it would be kinda lame.

So here is a little collection of the terms they use, please feel free to add to it.

Digger Dictionary

CIV –  any artifacts related to the Civil War

COLOGNE – any artifact related to colonial times

H.O.I (pr. HOY) – hunks of iron

JUICE POCKET – a concentration of cool artifacts

JUICE – anything cool extracted from the earth

NECTAR SECTOR – an area with a high concentration of artifacts

NECTAR – anything cool extracted from the earth

REV – any artifact related to the Revolutionary War

ROUNDNESS – any circular or curved artifact

SPILL – an area where someone has dropped multiple artifacts

SILV – an artifact made out of silver

STER – any artifact made of sterling silver

RICHARD – A gear, as in Richard Gere

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