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This page is designed to share any tips and knowledge concerning the hobby of metal detecting. And here I say hobby, because it is not a job or means of support, for me it is a fun pastime where I get to go out in nature with a fun little gadget. I am an electrical engineer by trade, so I like electronic gadgets; I am also a fly fisherman, so I enjoy just going out and enjoying nature. My view on a fun few hours fly fishing is the same as with metal detecting (dirtfishing), it is not important of how many fish or how big of a fish I catch, but just the act itself. Even if I do not catch anything at all, I am still having fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love to catch that 20″+ Brookie, or getting a strike on every cast during the Sulphur hatch on Spring Creek, and these are the extra special times.  🙂

Besides sharing knowledge, this is how humans evolve/advance, I also feel the need to try and educate a few. The the recent release of these metal detecting show, has also come a surge of new hobbyists.  I was a newbie once also and appreciated folks who taught me how to be successful and responsible when I go out metal detecting … although I am not that successful in finding what I am looking for.

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