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I have also turned my hobby into a service for those poor souls who have lost their rings and or jewelery, by joining The Ring Finders. If you have lost a ring or other jewelery in your garden, beach or other similar areas, you can contact the Ring Finders to recover your item.

If it is in a public area, like a beach please call me or one of our other Ring Finders ASAP! Do not try to dig around too much, as the ring/item can be pushed down deeper, making recovery more difficult.


If I am in your service area, please contact me by phone or email:

Search Locations
Lancaster County, Chester County and Delaware County Pennsylvania
Search Types
Beach, land and shallow water.
Cost For My Service
My service is on a Reward Basis. You pay what you can afford or what it’s worth to you to have it found; this includes bartering for other items and or services. There is a call out fee of $20 (for my area), this covers my fuel expenses and 1 hour of searching. (NOTE: I am sorry, but I do not locate drain pipes, electrical or TV cables, etc … please call 811 before you dig.

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