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Wedding Ring found in Glenn Mills, PA!

Received an email from Tracey requesting my services. Her husband had lost his ring playing ball in the backyard; as much as they searched, they could not find it. I made plans to look for it on Saturday, but rains kept me away until Sunday morning.

When I arrived Robert and his enthusiastic dog met me at the front door. After a quick chat, he showed me RM-ringwhere he had lost his ring. Robert was pitching a rugby ball around with his kids, when he felt the ring fly off, unfortunately he did not see which direction it went.

After searching the most obvious area, I expanded my grid pattern to include the area behind where Robert was standing. My second search lane produced a good hit – and there it was! Hidden under the long grass I saw the gold and diamonds sparkle as the sunlight hit it.

It was a nice ring, Tracey and Robert were RMhappy to have it back … now time for breakfast!


Updated: November 2, 2014 — 13:31

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